IoT Devices on your home network? You should probably secure those. Like now.

A few years ago we had the opportunity to have the people from Lullabot come onsite to Float to spend a week consulting and work out some strategy initiatives. It was there that I met Andrew Berry, and through him was introduced to Selenium. At the time I was a manual tester only and the test code that he was showing me got me excited and scared at the same time. Now that I have a couple of years of actual UI test automation under my belt, I can start to investigate other areas of testing that are of interest. One of those things is IoT. But as a tester I am well aware of the security pitfalls that besiege the current IoT landscape. Andrew just published a very comprehensive article (with examples!!) of how to inspect an IoT baby camera to detect if there are any security breeches.

Link to the article.


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