Hello. My name is BJ Aberle and I am a mobile tester/QA nerd and Audio Engineer/Sound Designer in Central Illinois. This is my website/blog. The purpose of this website is many-fold. First and foremost it is meant to be a Test and Audio Centric repository for all of the things I am interested in my professional endeavors. Many times I have seen a video or read an article and not bothered to bookmark it only to forget about it a month later. Basically I wanted to create a testing site that I would ant to visit everyday.

I share the common story of 98% of the testers out there. I didn’t start in test but one day my manager came to me and said, “We need someone to test this.” The rest is history. But I think my pre-tester story is where the similarities end.

Not many people can say they were once a “rock star” and really mean it. Well, way before Selenium and Sauce Labs I was in a band. We were no U2 or Radiohead, but we were able to make three records and tour internationally for a brief moment in time. But, right before Web 2.0 took over, and as Napster and peer to peer were sucking the life force out of the music industry, we called it quits. I continued for a bit as an audio engineer and producer in Nashville but eventually took over as the Director of Audio for the company I currently work for in Morton IL. That was 14 years ago.

A lot has changed in those 14 years. My day to day tasks would include writing music, recording a narration session or traveling to a museum to oversee an install we were doing. But as a creative person, I was never fully satisfied with how the audio would turn out. Especially in our interactive media projects.

I remember creating audio and sound effects. Throwing it over the wall to the developers only to be disappointed a week later when I heard the audio being implemented. I said to myself, “there has to be a better way.” So, in a decision that can only be labeled as fate …. or maybe stupidity. I decided “I” would implement the audio.

I remember getting the project from the developer and opening up the ActionScript file. Fear and self doubt quickly consumed my being as I thought, “What in the world am I doing? I need to be a developer to do this!” But, at that moment, I decided that I can learn this. People do it everyday. It was then that I discovered something that may rival my passion for music….. manipulating audio with CODE!!!!!

From that point on I was consumed with wanting to know more about for loops and switch statements….. How nerdy, right? It was at that point when I was asked to test a SaaS project we were working on. It was the perfect convergence of what I was learning and an opportunity to take it to the next level. That was six years ago. And the rest, as they say….. is history.