Audio Production

The genesis of my career in audio started with my passion for music. I started out playing on my brothers bass guitar thinking it was an electric guitar. I mean it looked like an electric guitar ‘n all. It wasn’t until five or six lessons in that I asked my instructor when I was going to learn how to solo. With a weird sort of look he explained to me that this was a bass guitar and you don’t really solo on it. So from that point on I reluctantly became a bass player. Which turned out to be a good thing because back then, at that age, everybody was a guitar player and I was the only bass player. I was in demand in the Junior High/High School circuit!! During high school I bought a 4-track cassette recorder to capture my teenage, angst filled ideas and found that I loved the avenue of creativity that I was walking down. From there it has only fueled a gear obsessed passion that annoys my wife at times. I currently work on a weekly television broadcast and have created many original music tracks for podcasts and conferences.

I do not have a full blown music studio but have enough to create music and do game audio and post-production remixes. Here are a few pics of my studio.